Outdoor Wedding, Survived.

Everyone have their own idea of their dream wedding. Either its in a ballroom with an exquisite lighting, or an outdoor wedding which involves the nature’s beauty to celebrate you tying the knot.



Here’s a few tips on how to get the perfect outdoor wedding –


  1. When love at first sight is not enough.



Looking through only by photos on internet will never be enough when it comes to you wedding venue. By taking a real look at the location, you can visualize precisely how the decoration will be, make sure you guests will be able to walk comfortably. Maybe you will need to consider stepping stones wide enough for your guests to enjoy and walk on. Make their journey also remarkable.


  1. Rain, rain, go away, come again never.



Just make sure to have your wedding on a season that involves sun – and sun only. No bits of rain what so ever. But even when the rain decides to join in the celebration on your wedding day, always be prepared for a plan B.


  1. The Plan B



Make sure your venue have an indoor location for you and your guests to wait for the rain to stop or maybe move the ceremony inside if the rain decides they #cantstopwontstop. You can always rent a tent and make sure your guests are dry after all that drizzle! Martha Stewart Weddings, suggests you to prepare umbrellas and stacks of dry – and ofcourse soft towels for your guests.


  1. Ice, ice, baby



Even when the weather is perfectly sunny, make sure its not too hot for your guests and your own. Make sure to prepare lots and lots and lots of refreshments drinks and stock up lots of ice too. Make sure it doesn’t melt, though!


  1. Shoo mosquitos



No one likes their wedding to be crashed! Make sure your special day won’t be attended by a pack of uninvited guests – mosquitos. Always check which flowers or what food that will attract the pack the most and immediately take it out from your list.

Superstitious, or not?



Friday the 13th known for the most spooky time of the year, but is it really that spooky?


Here’s a few not-so-spooky facts we found around the internet.


It's not really “just a joke”

            Turns out, 17 – 21 million people in the US suffers from Friggatriskaidekaphobia - a fear of Friday the 13th . Tongue twisting, much?

            People who suffers Friggatriskaidekaphobia takes Friday the 13th to a whole another level.

            They refuse to get out of their house, anxiety, fear and panic is a common feeling when Friday the 13th rolls. This then results to a $800 - $900 million loss in business each Friday the 13th due to cancelled appointments and absenteeism.


It all started on a Sunday

            In order for a month to have a Friday the 13th, the month must begin on a Sunday. We checked, and its… true. Are blaming it all on Sunday, now?


Is it really unlucky?

            If you happen to believe it will bring you misfortune, it doesn't really apply to everyone. In Italy, they consider Friday the 17th to be an unlucky day and the number 13 will actually bring good luck.

            Even studies proves that Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky after all, here’s an article from Vox to sum it all up.


It’s a lucky day for some, after all


            As The Telegraph wrote, a research done in early 2016 by Kayak.co.uk, 20 most popular departures from UK airport on January 13th (a Friday) - costs five per cent cheaper than a usual day on January. Considering to book a flight to Maldives, now?



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