Ready to Stamp Your Way in Japan?

Did you waste too much of your cash on your hotels and flights? Plundered your wallet on good food? Fear not, we have a solution. Eki stamps.
What are Eki Stamps first off? It's a type of free souvenir that you can find in certain tourist attractions and stations throughout Japan. The best thing about these stamps is that they're free. You heard me correctly, free. 
Eki stamps are intricate and unique to their location - making it all the worth more attractive to get. These souvenirs could either be hiding behind pillars of walls or open in plain sight. If you're having trouble locating these souvenirs, you can always ask an attendant for assistance. 
To help aid your search, we present you with these phrases: 
"すみません、駅スタンプ, はどこですか?"
"Sumimasen, eki sutanpu wa doko desu ka?"
 - Translating to "Excuse me, where is the Eki stamp?" 
or if you'd like to impress the fellow Japanese attendant, 
"Sumimasen, dokode eki sutanpu o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu ka?"
- translating to "Excuse me, where can I find the eki stamp?"
Who needs Disneyland when you could entertain your kids with a treasure hunt? They'll have a blast finding these stamps after stamps. No kids? No worries, you could always keep them to yourself as a memory of your unforgettable trip to Japan. 
Now, if you're scratching your heads wondering right now about the correlation between some rubber stamps and an online stationery store I'd like to tell you flat-out, that there isn't any. It's more of a massive reach. But, oh well, it's better to do some blatant product advertising rather than do nothing at all! You can use our personalized notebooks as a stamp book! Add them to your Papermark diary! Add them to your Papermark journal! Add them to your Papermark bullet journal! All free of charge!
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The Gift Dilemma

Imagine this scenario: 
You're currently stumped. You don't know what to buy your friend. Her party is in two days; everyone else has their present - all either personal, practical, or profound. 
Does this scenario seem familiar? To help solve your dilemma, we'd like to suggest a very good idea, a notebook.
Before you roll your eyes in disapproval at our shameless product advertisement, hear us out.  In our defense, what did you expect us to propose in the blog of a stationery-specialized store? It's the quintessential present that doesn't seem too pretentious nor too lazy. From planners, journals, to drawing pads, this writing pad could become anything you want with the aid of a writing utensil. 
Still not convinced? Then what about a customized notebook with your name embossed in metallic letters? These notepads personalize and differentiate your book from everyone else's; no, this isn't Bob's, or John's or even Tom's - this is yours. 
Doubtful? How about we compare the notebook to other typical presents then? 
1. Clothes
There's a large number of factors that you'd have to consider when picking a suitable clothing item. Measurements, clothing style, clothing item, etc. all contribute towards the riskiness when buying this product. On the contrary, the notebook not only has a smaller range of factors that would not affect the person's chances of using your present - and you save yourself some time in deciding what to buy them. 
2. Jewelry 
Due to the pricy nature of this product, the magnitude of the gift's heartfeltness matches - or even exceeds that of our personalized notebook. However, the hefty $200 price of a Tiffany and Co. present causes a large number of prospective gift finders to reject the idea of this certain present. I mean, would you want to buy a $250 charm bracelet for your schoolmate or colleague? 
3. Money
Save your half-hearted gift for Chinese New Year - it treads slowly between the line of a gift and an insult. 
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Superstitious, or not?



Friday the 13th known for the most spooky time of the year, but is it really that spooky?


Here’s a few not-so-spooky facts we found around the internet.


It's not really “just a joke”

            Turns out, 17 – 21 million people in the US suffers from Friggatriskaidekaphobia - a fear of Friday the 13th . Tongue twisting, much?

            People who suffers Friggatriskaidekaphobia takes Friday the 13th to a whole another level.

            They refuse to get out of their house, anxiety, fear and panic is a common feeling when Friday the 13th rolls. This then results to a $800 - $900 million loss in business each Friday the 13th due to cancelled appointments and absenteeism.


It all started on a Sunday

            In order for a month to have a Friday the 13th, the month must begin on a Sunday. We checked, and its… true. Are blaming it all on Sunday, now?


Is it really unlucky?

            If you happen to believe it will bring you misfortune, it doesn't really apply to everyone. In Italy, they consider Friday the 17th to be an unlucky day and the number 13 will actually bring good luck.

            Even studies proves that Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky after all, here’s an article from Vox to sum it all up.


It’s a lucky day for some, after all


            As The Telegraph wrote, a research done in early 2016 by, 20 most popular departures from UK airport on January 13th (a Friday) - costs five per cent cheaper than a usual day on January. Considering to book a flight to Maldives, now?